Consultancy services for

  • demand analysis as well as technical and commercial feasibility studies during the project development phase
  • drafting and evaluation of design alternatives for the assessment of the technical and commercial feasibility
  • structural detailing within conceptual, preliminary and detailed design with special focus on boundary conditions and possibilities during production, transport and installation on site.
  • Optimisation of the assembly and installation methodology for each individual case. The installation phase usually contains great commercial opportunities but also the highest risk within the entire implementation of a project. It therefore has to be considered from the first draft on.
  • personnel disposition, time scheduling and creation of tool lists for construction sites
  • selection and supervision of possible Subcontractors

Design of steel- and composite structures and bridges:

Conceptional Design

One or several alternatives are drafted under consideration of the factors production, transport and installation on site as well as an appropriate corrosion protection. This step aims to estimate an approximate range of dimensions and quantities in order to obtain an idea and comparison values of the project cost.

Preliminary Design

The chosen alternative of the conceptional phase is analysed and detailed appropriate enough to tender and price the project. Dimensions and quantities are based on simplified structural analysis checks.

Detailed Design

The structure including all details is set considering all boundary conditions. Dimensions and quantities are based on detailed and full structural analysis checks. We consider the detailed- and the installation- design as integral parts. Hence, the consideration and assessment of intermediate installation phases is usually part of the detailed design.

Inspection and supervision in factories and on construction sites:

HPIConsulting offers supervision and inspection services during production and assembly / installation on site. These services provide knowledge at any time and enable eventually necessary corrective measures to ensure the:

  • Compliance with the desired quality (according to design, applicable standards and state of the art)
  • Compliance with the given time schedule
  • Compliance with the predicted cost
  • The compliance with relevant standards and rules concerning occupational health and safety
Research and Development

R&D is an essential need to find optimised solutions. Due to our strong ties to the technical University of Vienna, we can offer to be your consulting or designing partner or can take leading organisational roles within your R&D project.